Who I love to work with and why?

I just love working with middle aged men who are a bit rough around the edges. The bloke that drinks down the pub with his mates. He is heavy and works hard, dirt under his nails and a three-day growth. All too often he feels tired and doesn’t think about what he fuels his body with. He used to play sport but he doesn’t have the time or energy for that anymore. He has seen the doctor and been told to lose a few kilos; blood pressure is up and cholesterol is borderline. This guy doesn’t know it yet but he is heading down a really unhealthy path. If nothing changes he will end up very sick.

This is the sort of guy I love to work with. Why? Because I see the future. No, I’m not psychic. I mean I have seen this guy in another 10 + years. When I worked in cardio-thoracic intensive care this is the sort of guy that would come in for bypass surgery. He had neglected his health so much that his arteries were blocked and needing invasive surgery to continue living. Bloody hell, if only this guy had received some help before. Before he lay before me on a ventilator, tubes wiring around his body, a surgical cut through his sternum, family members looking sullen. If only he had the education, the support, the help to make some better choices he wouldn’t be here. Another patient, another statistic.

When I work with these guys, they often tell me nah I’m good. Is it denial or is it purely ignorance? Yet I see the future, the future that lays before them. It takes some time and some trust building but when I see these guys start to really take action to improve their health. When they consider what they are putting in their mouths from education I have given. When they take action to exercise from the motivation I provide them. When they use strategies, I have taught them to relax and combat stress. When I see their behaviours change through health coaching and as a result their numbers change. Blood pressure comes down and their cholesterol levels come down, waist circumference, BMI etc. It’s so satisfying to me.

To know that I have changed the trajectory of this man’s health journey and prevented serious illness, hospitalization and invasive surgery is f*# (@ awesome. Knowing that they won’t experience what I witnessed so many others to experience but instead live with health, energy and happiness. That’s what I love. It gives me great satisfaction to know I made a difference not only in his life but for his family as well. Keeping people out of hospital as opposed to looking after them whilst in hospital seems much more helpful and rewarding.

I love what I do and I am confident I can help you too.


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