Which Health Program do I choose for my Employees?

Hmmmm…… Good question! There are so many different types of health programs available for employees and organizations.

So how do you choose which health program is right for your employees?

Simple health assessments, skin checks, exercise programs, nutrition programs, mental health, stress management, massages, quit smoking, health coaching, the list goes on………


These are the 5 questions you should be asking yourself to determine which health program is going to service your organization most effectively.

1. What do my employees want? This question is of utmost importance to ask and have answered by the employees. Employees will be much more engaged in a programn which services their needs. They will feel more invested and involved if included in the process of  the health program design and delivery. There is no point delivering a generic health program that is simply going to tick boxes when there is no engagement, input or investment from the employees. It’s a waste of money and less likely that the outcomes that you are wanting to achieve will be reached. We all have an innate ability to know what we want and need and sometimes we just require the support to make this happen. A good health program will tailor to the specific needs of the employees to maximize engagement and achieve optimal results.

2. What outcomes do I want to achieve? When you have clarity around the vision you have for your orgainization and the outcomes that you want to achieve with a health program the easier it is to make a plan to achieve these. Some organizations I have worked with are simply wanting to tick the “I have provided a health program” box and are not clear or specific about their desired outcomes. Are you wanting to reduce staff turnover? Decrease stress in the workplace? Increase efficiency and productivity? Become a smokefree workplace? Support mental health issues? When you become clear on your vision for the company it is easier to custom design a health program that will meet the desired outcomes.

3. Why do I want to provide my employees with a health program? It is important to understand what the driver is and the reasons behind wanting to implement a health program within an orgainzation. Are you wanting the employees to get professional support so that they aren’t relying on you for help outside of your scope of practice? Are you wanting to provide a healthy culture within your organization because you care about your employees? Are you just fed up with the employees taking extra smoko breaks? Whatever your driver is, your why, your reason for wanting a health program in your organization is beneficial to understand so that it can be tailoreded in to suit the needs of the orgainization.

4. What is my budget? What is the investment you want to make for your organization and what is the return on investment? For corporations, wellness programs boast an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. It’s important to not only know what your budget is but what your return on investment will be in time. This will hep you to make an educated decision on what to spend.

5. What time and space can I offer for a program? Health programs can be delivered in so many differing formats and on differing platforms. Do you have the space for workshops, seminars? Do you have the time for group education sessions inside work hours? Programs can be delivered online, in person, as a group, 1:1, workshops, seminars, the list goes on. If you know your time available and the sort of space environment you want to create then an effective plan can be put into place. A good tailored health program can cater to your specific organizational logistics and requirements.


Natural Health Balance custom designs health and wellness programs to cater for YOU! A healthcare professional can come to your place of business do a thorough health assessment and appraisal identifying your specific needs. You will receive a written report with recommendations to achieve the outcomes and results for your employees health and the wellness of your organization. An appraisal is simply 3 sessions over 30 days to effectively diagnose the areas of concern, medicate with the most effective strategies and logistics towards achieving optimal organizational health and well-being.  Contact Natural Health Balance to book in your organizations health assessment.


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