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Health is my passion. I want to share it with


Seminars & Workshops


The topics I focus on include:

  • Stress or Strength, it’s up to you. Helping individuals & teams manage their stress, build resilience & inspire a positive mindset. Creating a harmonious working environment, strong relationships and a healthy company culture.
  • Emotional Intelligence is Key. Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.   Embracing the nuances of human emotion in the workplace can have pragmatic benefits, such as better collaboration among employees, reduction in conflict and a happier workplace.
  • Healthy Life! How to Reduce Your RISK of Chronic Disease. Investing in the health of your workforce is an investment in your business. Reduce the risk of disease by proactive education & strategies that support workplace health & performance.
  • Healthy Communication Skills for Workplace Wellbeing. Healthy communication skills are essential for promoting efficiency, effectiveness & a collaborative team environment.
  • Work/Life Balance to prevent Burnout. How to distribute your energy between the main components of life (work, rest , family and leisure) Improving health, happiness, relationships and workplace performance.
  • Rattled to Resilient. How to cope with the ups and downs and bounce back from challenges. In a workplace setting, this can be applied to employees' abilities to manage anything from a tough workload to frustrating colleagues.

I’ve spoken at:

  • Local Shires, private business sector, not for profit organisations, schools, Tafes.
  • Connecting Rural Business Women Conference
  • Connecting Women Across Gippsland Conference
  • ONE Voice Conference
  • MindBodySpirit Festival Melbourne
  • ABC Radio, TRFM Radio, Win News
  • Paynesville Business Networking Group, Bairnsdale Business Networking Group
  • Probis, CWA, Rotary, Sunrise Rotary, U3A, Schools & Community Events

The Benefits:

Seminars and workshops are a great way for organisations to bring their staff together in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll get direct access to me - a professional healthcare provider - and the very latest information and resources within the health and wellness space.

Our main focus is guiding staff through challenges and providing appropriate information and support relevant to their needs. Staff walk away with the knowledge and know-how. They’ll be motivated to take action and change for the better. In essence… workplace wellness workshops are good for employees and good for business.

I’ve had a rewarding career that’s taken me from working in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, to becoming an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Corporate Health and Performance Coach in 2013.

I’m an engaging and passionate speaker who can authentically connect with an audience of any size. I place great emphasis on being able to speak from the heart with genuine empathy. And thanks to my nursing career, I’m particularly passionate about health promotion and disease prevention.

Whether I’m speaking about promoting healthy staff, sharing how to improve productivity and employee engagement, or giving insights into reducing your risk of diabetes, I’m in my absolute element sharing my knowledge and expertise. I genuinely enjoy helping people and businesses strive towards more productivity and profits.

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"I found Christine to be very engaging and entertaining as well as providing easy to understand information on health."

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Work/Life Balance?

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Have the time and energy for exercise
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce feelings of stress
  • Feel organised and in control
  • Have time for the most important thing: YOU!

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