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Performance Coaching

Empowering the confidence, building the resilience and unlocking your

true potential.

Performance Coaching

As a Performance Coach I support and empower the confidence and resilience that is underlying every individual, unlocking their true potential and creating focus and direction.

Performance coaching is focused on defining agreed performance goals, understanding the factors which impact on performance, implementing strategies which address performance gaps, and maintaining motivation to achieve goals.

I offer effective, individually tailored performance coaching which is highly effective in bringing about lasting, significant and positive change. Regardless of the issue, I help clients learn how to establish tangible goals, make workable plans, overcome obstacles, solve problems, stay on track, sustain motivation and develop resilience.

I help my clients define core values, identify strengths, harness intrinsic motivators and resurface their purpose and passion. These skills can then be applied in addressing future challenges.

Performance coaching canĀ help leaders and team members to:

  • Gain insight, increase self-awareness
  • Capitalise on strengths, develop weaknesses
  • Develop, maintain or reduce specific behaviours
  • Build resilience and well-being
  • Initiate, lead, manage and adapt to change
  • Improve relationships, enhance team dynamics
  • Communicate with influence, manage conflict
  • Address employee behaviour and performance gaps
  • Provide effective feedback and handle difficult conversations
  • Motivate, inspire and engage staff
  • Manage and improve team culture and performance
  • Solve problems, address challenges
  • Achieve outcomes and results
  • Debrief confidentially around difficult situations

For corporations, performance coaching brings success to the business via improved staff performance, productivity and efficiency. Performance coaching boasts an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. Outside of the direct financial gains, corporations have seen improvements in staffs benchmarks, sales, service standards and procedures with a reduction in apathy, sick leave and staff turnover.

Inspiring and engaging employees for optimal workplace performance

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At the Mind Body Spirit seminar Christine got me thinking about what steps I needed to take to improve my health. I walked away having the clarity and the motivation to take action.


Thanks Christine for the talk on stress. I now have some great strategies I know will help to reduce my stress.


I found Christine to be very engaging and entertaining as well as providing easy to understand information on health.


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