Performance Coaching - The Benefits:

Performance coaching can help leaders and team members to:

  • Gain insight and increase self-awareness
  • Maximise strengths and reframe weaknesses
  • Develop, maintain or reduce specific behaviours
  • Build resilience and wellbeing
  • Initiate, lead, manage and adapt to change
  • Improve relationships and enhance team dynamics
  • Communicate with influence and manage conflict
  • Address employee behaviour and performance gaps
  • Provide effective feedback and handle difficult conversations
  • Motivate, inspire and engage staff
  • Manage and improve team culture and performance
  • Solve problems and address challenges
  • Debrief confidentially around difficult situations

Performance coaching boasts an average return on investment of around 3:1. Think big boosts in staff performance, productivity and efficiency. And outside of the direct financial gains, you can also expect to see less sick days, reduced staff turnover and a drop in workplace injury and stress.

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What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is focused around creating specific performance goals, getting clear on what challenges impact on performance, working through strategies to address these roadblocks, and maintaining motivation to achieve it all.

As a Performance Coach, I support and empower the confidence and resilience underlying every individual, unlocking their true potential by creating focus and direction. I offer individually tailored performance coaching which is highly effective in bringing about long lasting, significant positive change. Regardless of the challenges and roadblocks that have stopped them in the past, I help clients learn how to create tangible goals, develop workable plans to overcome obstacles and problems, while building motivation and resilience to stay on track.

I help clients define their core values, identify strengths, harness intrinsic motivators and reignite their purpose and passion in life. And best of all, these important skills and strategies can then be used to work through future challenges that will inevitably come.

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"Thanks Christine for keeping me accountable and motivated. I have become alot more focused and organised which has helped me at work."

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