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Health Coaching

Health coaching is combining the theory from coaching psychology, behaviour change and positive psychology. I offer highly effective, individually tailored health coaching which brings about lasting, significant and positive change.

I support clients to figure out what they want, why they want it and what is inhibiting them from achieving their goals. Then together as a team the most suitable and realistic action plan towards a healthier and happier life is developed. My clients feel empowered in the decision-making process so the changes are implemented through their own desire and need for change. 

It is a natural, effective and common sense approach.

Health coaching can help leaders and team members to:

  • Manage stress and build resilience
  • Improve mindset to be more positive and empowering
  • Exchange limiting beliefs for empowering beliefs
  • Lose weight and sustain it
  • Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels
  • Decrease RISK of chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease and stroke
  • Harness intrinsic motivators to stay on track
  • Sleep better and take time to relax and unwind
  • Improve exercise regimes
  • Improve nutrition

For corporations, health coaching brings success to the business via improved staff performance, productivity and efficiency. Health coaching boasts an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. Outside of the direct financial gains, corporations have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover, workplace injury and employee stress.



For the HEALTH of your employees and the WELL-BEING of

your business.

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At the Mind Body Spirit seminar Christine got me thinking about what steps I needed to take to improve my health. I walked away having the clarity and the motivation to take action.


Thanks Christine for the talk on stress. I now have some great strategies I know will help to reduce my stress.


I found Christine to be very engaging and entertaining as well as providing easy to understand information on health.


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