Health Coaching - The Benefits:

Health coaching can help leaders and team members to:

  • Manage stress and build resilience - improves workplace relationships and prevents staff burnout
  • Improve on a more positive and empowering mindset - improving staff attitudes in the workplace
  • Exchange limiting beliefs for empowering ones - supporting staff to step up and grow professionally
  • Lose weight and sustain it - helping staff energy levels and productivity
  • Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels - reducing the time off work for Dr.'s visits
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and stroke - reducing hospital visits and lengthy time off work
  • Harness what truly motivates someone to stay on track - keeps them engaged and promotes workplace loyalty
  • Prioritise sleep and rest - improving focus and energy at work
  • Improve nutrition and exercise - increasing health & well-being

Health coaching boasts an average return on investment of around 3:1. Think big boosts in staff performance, productivity and efficiency. And outside of the direct financial gains, you can also expect to see less sick days, reduced staff turnover and a drop in workplace injury, stress and burnout.

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What is Health Coaching?


We’ve all heard of health coaching, but have you ever wondered exactly what’s involved? Well, it combines the theories from coaching psychology, behaviour change and positive psychology. To put it simply, specific tools and strategies help someone achieve results and goals around their health and wellbeing.

I offer highly effective, individually tailored health coaching which brings about lasting, significant and positive change. I support clients to figure out what they want, why they want it and what is stopping them from achieving their goals.

Together as a team, we work out the most suitable and realistic action plan towards a healthier and happier life. My clients feel empowered in the decision-making process, so the changes are made through their own motivation and desire. I use a natural, effective and common sense approach.

The benefits of health or wellness coaching for staff can increase morale, decrease burnout and improve employee productivity. So the reason more and more companies hire workplace health coaches is because of the chance that it will improve the bottom line

For the HEALTH of your employees and the WELL-BEING of

your business.





"I found Christine to be very engaging and entertaining as well as providing easy to understand information on health."

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