Creating a healthy, harmonious and happy work environment. 3 things employees want from their workplace.

 Creating a healthy, harmonious and happy work environment. 3 things employees want from their workplace.


Creating a healthy, harmonious and happy work environment should be at the forefront of every employers mind right? All too often we hear about unsatisfied employees. Of course there are the people that will be unsatisfied no matter what. I am talking about those employees that show up, care about their job, the company and about their work environment. These are the employees that keep your business rolling, they are at the front in customer service, at the back in maintenance and everywhere between. They are the backbone of the company and are bloody important.

I have spoken with many employees that have shared with me their experiences. They are often disgruntled, unhappy, stressed and frustrated. They do the bare minimum work and leave as soon as the bell goes. There is often stress, high staff turnover and a generally unhealthy culture. Yet, I often find that their experiences are easily resolved. They don’t require high levels of expensive training, they simply need some love.

Yes that’s right a little love……

3 things employees want from their workplace

Empathy – Employees want to and need to know they are cared for. Who wants to work in an environment where you are simply part of the furniture or worse still ignored. We all want to walk into an environment that we feel a sense of belonging and are supported and cared for. This safe and comfortable environment is where we are going to be creative, inspired and innovative. If we feel relaxed in our environment we are less inclined to experience stress. This is where our body goes into a survival response our autonomic nervous system kicks in and we go into fight or flight mode. We want to encourage our employees to thrive as opposed to survive. By setting the scene creating warmth, empathy, care, positive relationships you are nurturing so much potential and growth within your employees. Just like the bar “Cheers” where everybody knows your name….

Appreciation – Thank you. That’s it, just two little words, but oh boy does it go a long way. When employee’s feel appreciated it creates a positive psychological loop. Appreciation and acknowledgement feel good. Employees will tend to put in more effort because the reward of being recognised and appreciated elicit healthy feel good hormones. It fires up the dopamine levels and stimulates incentive, motivation and taking action. This is counter positive for the employer as an engaged and motivated employee will be more efficient, productive and happy on the job. Thank you!

Listen – People want to be heard. If you designate a time that you are open to listen to the employees, not only will they appreciate it, feel important, but you will open yourself up to learning some brilliant ideas. Don’t just hear them listen. Reflect what they have said, ask questions if you are unsure what they mean and clarify information to ensure you understand. Employees want to be heard, understood and respected. You never know you just might learn something that will achieve amazing new results in your company. This doesn’t mean to stop what you are doing consistently to listen, but make time and schedule around it.

It’s up to YOU! – Being a leader, an employer is a position of great honour. Treat others as you would expect to be treated. Take the opportunity and make a difference with people. Be the leader that you would love to follow. Take the time to learn from your employees, change your ineffective skills to more effective ones. Use your head in business but lead with your heart in building good relationships with your team. Not only will you see improvements in your profits but more importantly you will be positively influencing and touching the lives of others. You will inspire great future leaders who will want to follow in your footsteps and you will be respected and appreciated too. You will not only be the employer, leader of the company but a legend to be reckoned with.


Are you keen to learn how I can help you create a healthy, harmonious and happy work environment? Get in touch and we can have a chat, I’m here for you…


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