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Improving the HEALTH of your staff and the WELL-BEING of your business

Corporate Health & Performance Coach


“Christine has transformed our organization from a stressful culture to building a strong happy and more relaxed team.” – Alex Field, CEO



My purpose is transforming organisations to work productively and cohesively as a team. Improving the health of staff and the well-being of business through performance management, health coaching and team building to improve productivity, performance and profitability.
I am dedicated and passionate about Health & Wellness. Holding a Bachelor of Nursing Degree, specialising in Intensive Care Nursing. With over 20 years’ experience working in the healthcare industry.
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Stay healthy,
Christine Boucher

Bachelor Nursing
Diploma Intensive Care Nursing
Diploma Bowen Therapy
Level 3 Health & Wellness Coaching
Master of Business Administration
Gippsland Community Leadership Program

Every $1 invested in Corporate Wellness yields $6 in Corporate saving.

Delivering custom, tailored Health & Wellness Programs that ignite staff productivity and engineer

Optimum Performance.



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