A lifelong passion for health

My enthusiasm for living life with optimum health is not a sudden interest but has been a lifetime in the making. Throughout a long and interesting journey I have accumulated knowledge and life experience that has led me to creating Natural Health Balance.

It is from this platform that I now share my culminated skill and know-how to exclusively benefit you, my clients.

Let me share my journey with you.

Bachelor Nursing
Diploma Intensive Care Nursing
Diploma Bowen Therapy
Level 3 Health & Wellness Coaching

Enlightenment from pain

As a Registered Intensive Care Nurse with over 20 years experience, I was not inclined to entertain alternative therapies, however, through a lifelong struggle with the pain of Hip Dysplasia I was eventually led out of desperation to try the gentle technique of Bowen Therapy.

Within two sessions my pain had disappeared and I soon discovered that with regular monthly treatments I was able to manage what was once an often debilitating and stressful condition, with ease.

My experience with Bowen Therapy amazed me and opened my mind to discover a whole new world of health management and pain treatment without the use of prescription drugs.

My practical nursing mind began to query the world of medical treatment that I worked in and saw that it addressed the ailment and did not focus upon preventative medicine strategies.

The more I queried the more I could see that health management was the best practice to ensure a long and healthy life lived in optimal health.

Experience & Understanding

My nursing career has taken me around the world as a private nurse on luxury yachts, to the hot and dusty vastness of Australia’s outback. I have been privileged to live a life filled with interesting people in unique and diverse environments. I also spent years working as a specialist nurse in Cardio-Thoracic ICU in the United Kingdom and in ICU in Australia.

Daily I nursed people who could have avoided operations and other intrusive procedures if they had simply been taught how to manage their health as something to maintain and not something to be treated.

Caring has always been my natural calling and my career of nursing has exposed me to many of the reasons why we neglect our health or fall into bad habits that we find hard to break. Sometimes all that is needed is a gentle hand to help you get your life back on a positive track.

Inspired Action

In 2013 I took inspired action and focused on my health and wellness. I set a goal to swim 20 km in Open Water from Nungurner to Paynesville, to raise $10,000 to start the East Gippsland Open Water Safety & Survival Day Program. Through intense training, I became fit and strong by swimming in the Gippsland Lakes every day and completed the swim in less than 10 hours – the event was a great success.

Through my health and wellness coaching practice I am truly excited to bring change to peoples’ lives through caring guidance and the experienced knowledge I can share. Combined with the benefits of Bowen Therapy, I can help you to manage your pain, to realign your energy, or to simply live a healthier happier life.

My passion for health has entered a new chapter with Natural Health Balance, and I am excited to offer my health and wellness coaching to you.

"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

- Martin Luther King Jr.